Toronto’s New Jerseys, Reviewed

by Lang Whitaker

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the new Raptors uniforms. Did MoPete accidentally leak the uniforms on his MySpace page? Does MoPete even have a MySpace page?

Anyway, the Raptors unveiled their new jerseys yesterday at a press conference in Toronto, during a charity golf tournament. (Was I the only one disappointed that Bryan Colangelo didn’t show up in knickers and a beret?)
In order to get a purely aesthetic take on the new colors and uniforms, I invited Melissa Brennan, SLAM’s Creative Director, over to my desk to take a look at their new loook…

“What’s the difference? Did they make any change to their jerseys? [It is pointed out that they took out the purple accents.] What do they have against purple?

I don’t know…I guess I prefer the black over the purple. But it’s not much of a change. So far, none of these teams have really wowed me with their new looks.”