Tracy McGrady Would Have Been ‘Scottie Pippen Type’ Next to Kobe Bryant

by December 21, 2017

Tracy McGrady seemed blown away to discover that the Los Angeles Lakers attempted to draft him right out of high school in 1997, and says he would have happily taken a back seat to both Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

T-Mac believes he could have fit in Hollywood as a “Scottie Pippen type.”

McGrady laments that he had to carry so much of the offensive burden in Orlando, and didn’t have a reliably-healthy co-star.

Per ESPN‘s “The Jump”:

“We are talking about two of the greatest,” McGrady said.


“To team up with these guys. What that could have done for me personally. Oh my gosh, man …


“My career took a turn when I went to Orlando because I had to become a scorer, because I didn’t have Grant Hill. I was always the type of player like a Scottie Pippen type — share the ball, defend the best player. That’s what I did in my three years in Toronto. I would have been that playing alongside Kobe Bryant.”

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