Trade: Jason Hart for Brevin Knight

by Marcel Mutoni

Folks, it’s late July, and thus, this gets its own post. That’s just the way it goes.

The Clippers and Jazz, in an effort to apparently change nothing at all, swapped mediocre point guards. Jason Hart is going to Los Angeles, and Brevin Knight is off to Utah.

Clipper fans should be particularly excited; check out Mr. Hart’s parting words as he made his way out of Salt Lake City. From the hometown paper.

How many players, after all, would personally apologize to their general manager for not living up to the contract they signed on their way out of town?

Hart did just that, telling Jazz general manager Kevin O’Connor that he was sorry for “not being able to play up to my capabilities.” Talking about signing Hart, O’Connor said: “Do you wish it turned out better? Obviously. And so does he.”

It sounds like we have all of the makings of yet another magical season in Clipperville!