Trading Allen Iverson

By Sam Rubenstein

This should give us all plenty to think about over the weekend. Allen Iverson is allegedly asking to be traded. Billy King is going to try and accomodate him, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing for Philly fans. Here are some random stabs at possible teams that would be willing to do this.

Memphis Grizzlies. What else have they got going for them? A shot at Oden I suppose. At the very least they can keep Iverson to make them more entertaining, and ride out his contract while Oden or whatever young superprospect develops.

Seattle Sonics. They get their first antihero superstar since The Glove. Unless you consider Danny Fortson or Reggie Evans a superstar. The Sonics are too nice. They need someone with a nasty edge like A.I.

Sacramento Kings. Iverson and Artest together? Nothing could ever be more gully. Trade everyone else on the team to make it happen.

Minnesota Timberwolves. The much discussed KG and Iverson pairing, working towards that elusive championship together. KG gets to play his all around game, Allen gets to take every shot. Philly even gets some talent back with some kind of Ricky Davis, Rashad McCants and whoever else package.

LA Clippers. Give up on Shaun Livingston and Corey Maggette. Iverson and Cassell on the same team. It’s so crazy it might just work.

Phoenix Suns. Lang floated this out there earlier today. This is too crazy of a scenario for me to compute. I don’t see it happening on any level.

Dallas Mavericks. Sure, it would disturb a good formula they’ve got, but Cuban has the contracts around to make this a reality. Besides, the owner and player most associated with true to myself rampant individualism at all costs together? Too good to be true.

I really REALLY can’t even begin to grasp the concept of things like Iverson on the Spurs, Iverson and Jerry Sloan, Iverson and Kobe, Iverson-YaoMac, or Iverson leading the rebuilding Blazers, as well as a handful of other scenarios.


Charlotte Bobcats. Why not? Jordan gets to be a close mentor. Philly grabs whatever young talent they can. Iverson gets to throw up a bunch of shots. The Bobcats have a new marketing plan.

Boston Celtics. It makes a lot of sense. You see the photo. This was debated over the summer. What’s stopping this from happening? Both teams need a restart. This could be it. Maybe a three way with Allen, Paul Pierce, and KG that sends them all to different places. Allen to the T-Wolves, KG to Boston, Paul to Philly. A 20 player trade or something like that.

Milwaukee Bucks. A backcourt of Iverson and Michael Redd. They run, they shoot, they score on anyone. This is one of my favorite potential homes for Allen.

Toronto Raptors. I hate to keep referencing the trade that sent their original superstar away for nothing, but this could be payback. Team up Iverson and Bosh inside and out, Bargnani keeps getting better, and look out. They would run away with the Atlantic, at least.

Miami Heat. This should be in the “too crazy” category, but I’m throwing it out there. Antoine and some other parts to eventually give Philly cap space, and the Heat have an unspeakably dominant backcourt, plus Shaq is still around.

Atlanta Hawks. Tyronn Lue is having a great year, hitting big shots, but not that great. The Hawks would sell tickets and would have an iconic superstar, as opposed to just one that is really good at basketball. They’ve tried other ways and it hasn’t worked out.

Indiana Pacers. Drastic measures to shake up the mediocirty. Larry Legend giving his wisdom to A.I.? I love it. Philly can take on Tinsley and Stephen Jackson. This is one of those trades for the sake of trading. So what.

Orlando Magic. Off to a great start, young players doing their thing. If they were to get rid of Grant Hill and bring in the force that is A.I., they could put some distance behind them in the East.

I can’t even begin to entertain the thought of Iverson and LeBron, or any other possbility in the East.

Where is Allen heading? Where should he wind up? Where do you want to see him play this year? Have fun with those questions over the weekend. If he’s still on the team all weekend that is.