Trae Young Declares for 2018 NBA Draft

by March 20, 2018
lebron james trae young

Trae Young has officially declared for the 2018 NBA Draft. The Oklahoma freshman published a piece on ESPN this morning detailing his decision. Here’s part of his essay:

I’ve been preparing most of my life to join the NBA, and that time has come for me now: After an unforgettable year at the University of Oklahoma, I will enter the June NBA draft and fully immerse myself in the pursuit of a pro basketball career.

Young averaged 27.4 points and 8.7 assists in his lone season with the Sooners. He routinely knocked down seemingly impossible three-point shots and faced double and triple-teams each time he took the court. We caught up with Young earlier in the season to talk about the level of success and attention he’s already gained as a 19-year-old.

“A lot of people say they don’t look at social media and stuff like that. But I’m not gonna lie to you: I’m a 19-year-old kid, I look at Twitter, I look at Instagram, I look at the mock drafts,” Young told us a few months ago. “I noticed in the summertime that I wasn’t on anything. But I’ve been blessed enough to have people close to me who have been through this process and kept me leveled headed.”

The 2018 NBA Draft takes place on June 21 in New York.

h/t ESPN