Trae Young: ‘Everyone Wants to Win Now. I Want to Win Now’

by December 18, 2019

The Hawks’ once-promising season hit rock bottom Tuesday night in New York, as they suffered a 143-120 humiliation against the bottom-feeding Knicks.

Atlanta’s young roster is slogging through a difficult rebuild, but Trae Young says he and his teammates “want to win now.”

The 6-22 Hawks have now lost five in a row.

Per The Athletic:

After the team was demolished by the Houston Rockets last month, Russell Westbrook talked with Young after the game and told him about the time when he was a rookie and lost 13 consecutive games and won only once in a 22-game stretch.

“Look at Russ now,” Young said. “He’s been to the Finals. He’s now in Houston and winning a lot of games. There are positives at the end of the day. If you don’t go through something like this, it’s usually not a good thing.”

The Hawks say they all like each other, and there are no issues, but something seems to be amiss on the floor.

“It’s just effort and egos, really,” [Cam] Reddish said of some of the issues affecting the Hawks. “I know last year, it didn’t matter for us. “We just wanted to win. There was no ego or anything like that. I would just say mainly our effort, especially on defense, isn’t there. You don’t want anyone to feel stranded or anything like that out there, but we have to build that chemistry, especially on the defensive end.

“I feel like we all have to be a star in our own role regardless of who it is or what your role is. You need to be a star in that role. I think it’s just as simple as that.”

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