Trevor Ariza And Gerald Green Suspended 2 Games For Clippers Locker Room Incident

by January 17, 2018

Houston’s Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green have each been suspended two games for their role in Monday night’s bizarre locker room incident at Staples Center, the league announced on Wednesday.

Shortly after the Clippers’ 113-102 win over the Rockets, Ariza, Green, James Harden, and Chris Paul entered L.A.’s locker room through a back hallway, where they then confronted several Clippers players. Security ushered them out before things could escalate, according to reports.

ESPN’s Bobby Marks broke down the financial aspect of the players’ suspensions:

The NBA said in a release that it conducted more than 20 interviews with players, coaches, and personnel who were at Staples Center at the time of the incident to help bring closure to one of the stranger incidents of the season. Ariza and Green will serve their suspensions on Thursday and Saturday.