Trump Towers

by April 20, 2007

by Lang Whitaker

Don’t really have time to post a full-on post today, because I’m trying to finish The Slammys, and I don’t think I’m even going to polish them off today.

But after yesterday’s post where I talked about SLAM being mentioned in GQ (and noted that the Ivanka Trump photos were tremendous), I received a wonderful email from someone over there at GQ who I guess stumbled across our site…

Just saw your post on SLAM’s web site…glad you enjoyed the May issue of GQ. Thought you might be interested in sharing the Ivanka pics with your readers, so I’ve attached them. Also, if you like these, you’ll love the outtakes on

Hey, I love to share. So, to help start your Playoffs off right, here’s the pics…

I’ll probably post some NBA Playoffs thoughts/notes this weekend, so check back in when you get a chance.