Tyronn Lue on Cavs’ Goodyear Deal: ‘Give The Money To Me’

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced a new partnership with Goodyear on Monday as part of the NBA’s three-year program to sell ads on uniforms.

Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue praised the move, saying that the Akron-based tire company “is a great thing” for the team.

And in his typical humorous fashion, Lue added that the team should send him some of the extra money from the partnership. Starting at 3:00:


Lue: Being sponsored by Goodyear, which I heard is a great thing. An Akron-based company who I’ve always seen growing up being a Cardinal fan, watching baseball and football—you always see Goodyear.


They’re always affiliated with all sports. For us, I think it’s a good thing.


What would you like the organization to do with that extra money?


Lue: Give it to me. [Laughs]

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