Very general, short, brief look at NBA

By Sam Rubenstein

We have lots of over the weekend stuff coming, from Holly’s post up to game notes. For now It’s time to take your entirely too early glance at the standings, as we stumble towards the Thanksgiving abyss.

Thanks to Orlando’s win over Boston, the Magic are now tied with the greatest team ever Celtics for the #1 seed in the East. The C’s have played fewer games, so they win on percentage points, but the two of them are close enough. Charlotte is in fourth, and notable teams missing from the playoffs would be Chicago, Miami, and New York, if you consider the last team notable. Washington seems to have righted itself and is on the way back up, clinging to that 8th seed for the moment.

In the West, hey is that New Orleans in first? Houston is on the outside looking in, but they have injuries as their excuse. Most of the West is bunched together. Golden State couldn’t pick up that elusive first W for a while, but now they’ve got two in a row and are heading to MSG against that train wreck of a team which has already been through a season’s worth of drama in the past 7 days.

Leading the league in scoring: LeBron James. In second… Kevin Martin! Three point guards (Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul) are averaging double digit assists, and Jason Kidd is 0.7 rebounds per game away from a triple double every night.

And there is your extra brief NBA where we stand recap.

I want to thank Tom Brady and Randy Moss for ruining my memories of childhood last night. I have blurry memories of Joe Montana to Jerry Rice being the most unstoppably dominant tandem of all tiiiiiiimes. Tecmo and Super Tecmo cemented that legacy. And now there’s this Brady-Moss connection, and they seem to be better than Montana to Rice. It makes me question all of the things I once thought were certainties about the universe. We were always told that Jerry Rice was the hardest working man on the planet, that his dad was a bricklayer, and he would throw bricks at young Jerry and he would catch them in the burning Mississippi heat for 10 hours a day blah blah blah it was some real folk hero mythology stuff. And then Rice put up Wilt-esque NFL numbers, breaking every receiving record, with monster performances in Super Bowls, he was untouchable as the greatest WR ever without question, and some would say he was the best football player of all-time.

Randy Moss is better than him. It’s impossible, but true. The universe is unravelling. Thankfully the Celtics lost a game to put the NBA version of that madness on hold. Okay, enough rambling. As you can see my head has exploded and the gooey remains are sitting on my desk.

For those of you having problems printing your Beowulf tickets, I’m looking into it and I’ll get back to you in a little while.