Vince Carter: ‘Gimmicky’ Dunk Contests ‘Kind of Overrated’

Vince Carter is tired of watching “gimmicky” dunk contests.

Carter, who won the 2000 competition with an unforgettable performance, says props and teammates take away from the show.

“Show them what you’re ‘cooking’ with,” counsels VC.

Per The Undefeated:

How would you change the dunk contest?

Vince Carter: “I would do it like the old days, like you would do in streetball. Next man up, then once you go, it’s next, next, next, next. To me, the gimmicky thing is kind of overrated. Show them what you’re ‘cooking’ with. Don’t put the onus on a guy to have to use a prop or a teammate.

“Just go out there and throw the ball out there. It’s your turn. And let that be that. And that’s kind of how it originated. That’s kind of how it organically happens on the streetball or basketball court.”

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