Vince Carter Won’t Chase an NBA Ring

Vince Carter is going into his 21st NBA season, and he refuses to chase a ring.

VC wouldn’t feel right simply latching on to a title contender.

Carter, 41, inked a one-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks this summer, and says he is “90-something percent” sure to retire after the 2018-19 campaign and move into broadcasting.

Per the AJC:

“It just feels right for me,” Carter said Thursday of not signing with a team just to win a title. “…. I probably could have done that anywhere. I still want to play the game. Whatever minutes are there, I want. I enjoy teaching. I’ll do that for any team. That’s not a question. It’s just who I am. I come in from an era where that’s not how it was so that’s still instilled in me. I don’t have any problem with how it’s done now. It’s just not for me.

“Maybe when I can’t contribute as much, maybe when the game has passed me completely, then maybe I go be part of a team where I don’t play as much and reap the benefits of a championship, then maybe so. I think before that happens, I’ll probably retire anyway.”

However, Carter still believes he can play and contribute. The Hawks wanted a strong presence in a young locker room.

“Opportunity,” Carter said of why he chose the Hawks. “It’s pretty simple. It’s opportunity. I still enjoy the game. I still work at the game. It’s a love. It’s tough to walk away, obviously when it’s time, it’s time, but I’m still passionate about it. It’s still in my blood. The opportunity presented itself, and I wanted to take advantage of it. For me, it’s bigger picture. I still have a lot to offer.”

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