Vince Understands the Boos

by Marcel Mutoni

As my esteemed colleague Russ Bengtson memorably put it a few days ago, Vince Carter’s game has fallen off a cliff.

The artist formerly known as Half-Man Half-Amazing is averaging the fewest amount of points per game since his rookie season, and the fans in The Swamp are letting him hear it.

Instead of sulking, Vince is taking the high road and says the fans have a right to be upset. Carter’s not exactly thrilled with his play himself.

“I was booing myself,” Carter said. “You miss a straightaway layup, barely touch the paint on a three-point shot. Things like that are just frustrating for me.”

Being one of the most apathetic yet gifted athletes to ever grace a basketball court, watching Vince Carter since he burst into the League has been a series of incredible highs only topped by the bewildering frustration VC evokes in fans and observers.

It’s strangely satisfying to know that Vince, at last, is feeling some of that frustration himself.