Vlade Divac’s Feelings on L’Affaire Donaghy

by June 12, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The man was routinely abused by Shaquille O’Neal during those classic Kings/Lakers Playoff wars at the turn of the century, but according to Vlade Divac, Shaq (and the Lakeshow) had an extra “teammate” or three during those games.

With Tim Donaghy’s explosive allegations having come to light a couple of days ago, the Sacramento Bee caught up with Vlade and got his take on the infamous Game Six from the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

“I knew something was wrong then, and I still know something was wrong,” said Divac, who fouled out of Game 6, as did fellow Kings center Scot Pollard.

“My first reaction to hearing this is that I hope it’s not true. There was definitely something going on, but in my imagination, I never could have taken it so far to think that the league was behind it.”

I’m not sure how much credibility Vlade “Master of the Flop” Divac has when it comes to the calls in that game; all I know is that David Stern can’t be too pleased by the fact that we’re discussing Tim Donaghy during the NBA Finals.