Waiting to Exhale…

by July 06, 2006

After being suspended last season for failing a drug test and seeing the Nets’ playoff hopes go up in smoke, Cliff Robinson says he’s willing to suck it up and take another hit of that Jersey stuff. In an unusually blunt interview, Robinson admits that he knew the positive test result was only a matter of time, and that he’ll need to rebuild trust. Robinson isn’t just blowing smoke — the Nets organization probably won’t be able to trust him for some time, after the way he stoned their postseason chances. But at the same time, Robinson gives the Nets a quality big man who can sneak outside and light it up. Rest assured, though, that the Nets won’t toke, er, take any foolishness from Robinson. This is his second chance — let’s hope he doesn’t puff, puff, pass it away.