Warriors Owner: Stephen Curry the NBA’s Best Player ‘Over the Last Five Years’

by October 25, 2019

Stephen Curry has been the best player in the NBA over the last half-decade, according to Warriors owner Joe Lacob.

“The best player in the NBA, OK,” Lacob emphasized prior to Golden’s season-opening 141-122 blowout loss Thursday night to the LA Clippers.

Lacob concedes, however, that the Dubs are now a team “a little in transition.”

Per NBC Sports Bay Area:

“I think we have a team obviously a little in transition,” Lacob told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Greg Papa on “SportsNet Central: Warriors Edition” before the game. “Klay’s not healthy yet, but we’ve got a lot of talent on this team. It’s younger, it’s gonna take a little bit to coach these guys and get them up to speed, but we’ve got a lot of talent.

“The last I looked, Steph Curry has been the best player in the NBA over the last five years. The best player in the NBA, OK.”

Over the last five seasons, Curry has won three championships, been All-NBA and an All-Star every year and twice named MVP.

“D’Angelo Russell was an All-Star. Draymond Green is a tremendous — he was an All-Star also. So, we got three great players,” Lacob said. “Klay Thompson’s coming back, there’s some good rookies, we added a few people. … I think we’re gonna be pretty good. We’re gonna have to see how it goes.”

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