Warriors React to Trolling at LeBron’s Halloween Party

Aside from a confused and slightly irate Klay Thompson, most Golden State Warriors players appeared bemused by the not-so-subtle troll job by the Cleveland Cavaliers at LeBron James’ Halloween party.

Draymond Green says he doesn’t need any more fuel added to his fire.

This rivalry just keeps getting better and better:

Draymond Green just flashed a massive smile when ESPN asked him about James’ skeleton prop. […] “More power to them,” he said. “I already got enough fuel. I don’t need more. Enjoy.”

Klay Thompson, visibly irritated by the subject, sternly told ESPN, “Man, I don’t care about that.” […] (Stephen) Curry simply said, “I’m just going to keep it quiet.” He then shook his head and giggled.

“I’m a basketball player, bro. I’m a basketball player,” (Kevin) Durant told ESPN. “If you’ve got any disputes or any feuds or anything with anybody that plays the game, let’s just check it up. That really don’t mean s— to me, all the jokes.”

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