Warriors Refusing to Tank After Stephen Curry Breaks His Hand

by October 31, 2019

Stephen Curry‘s left hand injury, though clearly devastating, won’t lead the Warriors to consider tanking the season away.

“It is against every single thing I and we stand for,” team owner Joe Lacbo told reporters Wednesday night.

Golden State is off to an ugly 1-3 start, with little reason to believe things will improve, but the front office insists they will fight on and “learn to win.”

Per ESPN and The Athletic:

“It is against every single thing I and we stand for,” Lacob said.

“We will fight like hell. Develop our young guys. Learn to win,” he continued. “You don’t get better by trying to lose. Our entire organization is about winning. And we will win. Some bumps in the road, perhaps. But we will never accept losing.”

I asked him: Do you have to concede that the timetable to get back into contention now has to be moved beyond this season?

“I don’t look at it that way,” Lacob said. “I look at it (as) we have a job to do, Bob (Myers) does, all of us, to build something for the long term. And sometimes you can’t just think what’s in front of you the next week. You have to think about the next months and even year or two. Have to.

“That’s what we have done. I think that we’re going to be good over the long run.”

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