Report: Warriors Could Reshuffle Roster If Team Falls Short in Playoffs

by April 13, 2018
warriors reshuffle roster

The Warriors front office could aggressively reshuffle the roster if the team falls short of expectations in the playoffs, according to The Athletic‘s Anthony Slater.

Speaking to Slater about a possible roster shake-up, Draymond Green issued a warning to Golden State execs: “You may never get that opportunity back again.”

“I think there’s more unknown anywhere when you don’t win — whether you got the 30th highest payroll in the league or the highest,” Draymond Green told The Athletic. “But I don’t think about that. It’s on them.” […]

Green delivered a warning.

“To think you are going to win a championship every year is unrealistic,” Green told The Athletic. “We all say the Spurs is the model franchise of the last 20, 25 years, right? Most people would say that.

“Well, they’ve never won back-to-back. Yet, the guys who won a championship, other than the guys who have retired, are still there. So you can fool yourself and think, ‘Oh, we didn’t win it this year, time to break it up,’ and you may never get that opportunity back again.”

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