WATCH: KG, Pierce, Rondo, Big Baby, and Perk Share Their Thoughts on Ray Allen

by May 08, 2017
Boston Celtics

Update (May 9): Ray Allen said later on Tuesday that his Facebook was hacked, resulting in the post you see below (which has since been deleted). Allen’s page has also been unverified.

Update (May 9): Ray Allen responded with a cryptic Facebook post that features a picture of him and Rajon Rondo:


Original Story: On Monday night, Kevin Garnett hosted a 2008 Celtics reunion on Area 21, featuring Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, and Kendrick Perkins. Their old coach, Doc Rivers, also made a surprise visit.

One notable player was missing from the equation: Ray Allen. The sharpshooter, who was a member of the original Boston “Big Three” along with KG and Pierce, left the Celtics to team up with LeBron James and the Miami Heat in July of 2012, effectively ending that era.

The group shared their thoughts on Allen and his departure during the segment.

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