WATCH: LeBron James and Kyrie Irving Put on a Show vs Boston

The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by LeBron James (30 points) and Kyrie Irving (23 points), moved to 5-0 Thursday night with a 128-122 win against the visiting Boston Celtics.

Bron added twelve dimes and seven boards.

This is the Cavs’ best start to a season in forty years.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

The drama that has swirled around this team during the first two years of LeBron James’ return has subsided. There is now a comfort level between James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love – no doubt facilitated by June’s championship. They’re healthy, there is stability within the organization and there is a comfort level between the three stars. Now as the scrutiny turns to Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors, James and the Cavs can carry on business somewhat out of the spotlight.


“Look at our culture and our guys that we’re building here,” Irving said. “Myself, Kevin and Bron first came together. Second year we’re not all healthy to start the season. Then this season we’re three years in with one another. We know what to expect. We have something that we’re building here that’s very special. And the trust and responsibility and everything that we depend on from one another is already there. It’s not like we had to come in training camp and had to figure things out right away.”


“This is the best I’ve seen the Cavs play in November,” (Celtics coach Brad) Stevens said. “Everybody is trying to figure themselves out to be the best version of themselves, but they’re way ahead of where they were the last two years. And (James) looks great. I mean, they’re really good.”