WATCH: Markieff Morris Confronts Al Horford Prior to Game 2

by May 02, 2017
Markieff Morris

In Game 1 of Celtics-Wizards, Markieff Morris injured his ankle after landing on Al Horford’s foot. Here’s the play:

Though it didn’t look intentional, Morris warned the media that he would confront Horford about it in Game 2. “I’m going to ask him,” Washington’s forward said, “I looked at it a couple times. It’s not really that pretty, so I couldn’t really watch it too much.”

And he did just that before opening tip Tuesday night:

According to Celtics reporter Marc D’Amico, this was Horford’s response:

So, things were settled. Or maybe not. Early in the first quarter, Morris appeared to toss Horford out of bounds as the two fought for a loose ball:

Something to keep an eye on.

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