WATCH: Russell Westbrook Stars in ‘Runway’ Air Jordan Ad

by August 29, 2016

In the latest spot for Jordan, Russell Westbrook takes flight (literally) in his new signature kicks.

The most interesting aspect of the commercial, however, is its tagline: “Some run. Some make runways.”

A thinly-veiled shot at Kevin Durant’s departure this summer, or nah?

Per The Oklahoman:

Some have asked if this is a subtle shot at Durant for leaving Oklahoma City (“some run”) and Westbrook resigning with the Thunder long-term with the challenge of rebuilding post-Durant (“some make runways”). The relationship between the two has indisputably been strained since Durant’s free agency decision July 4.


But Durant is a Nike player. Westbrook is the face of Jordan, a brand produced by Nike. It wouldn’t make sense for Nike to create a commercial that knocks its biggest merchandise seller outside of LeBron James and Michael Jordan himself.


Much of the speculation behind the meaning of “Some run. Some make runways” is the continual manufacturing of the Durant-Westbrook rivalry narrative. The phrase is likely strictly about Westbrook and his fearless playing style, plus it’d be hard to imagine Westbrook signing off on a phrase that would incite off-court animosity. […] Or it could be an intentionally-vague open-to-interpretation marketing strategy by Nike, one that just happens to involve mega stars and longtime teammates now competing against each other in the Western Conference.