Weight Watch 2007: DAY ONE

by Lang Whitaker

We began this one year ago, after I noticed how every NBA player returning for training camp seems to lose or gain exactly 15 pounds. I’ll do my best to keep an eye on the situation, but I can always use your help. If you see a note about someone losing or gaining 15 pounds, send it to me.

For now, we check in on…

• Emeka Okafor: He showed up to BETcats camp at 257 pounds, which is what he weighed as a rookie but…last season he weighed 273, which is…drumroll…16 pounds heavier! Off by a pound. We appreciate Okafor’s attempt, but put on one more pound, buddy.

• Baron Davis: This man is obviously a veteran, as we can tell by the way he showed up to camp exactly 15 pounds lighter than last season. Baron means business.

• Al Jefferson: Again, he’s too young to understand the true ways of the NBA. Jefferson dropped 30 pounds from last season. Hopefully he can defer 15 of the pounds, or perhaps assign 15 pounds to a teammate.

• Caron Butler: A valiant effort, but losing 10 pounds is simply not worthy.