‘Weird, Right?’: Mario Henzonja With Game-Saving Block on LeBron James

by March 18, 2019

Even Mario Henzonja couldn’t believe he made a game-saving block on a driving LeBron James, giving the New York Knicks a dramatic 124-123 Sunday afternoon win against the visiting Los Angeles Lakers.

James, who finished with 33 points and eight assists, gave Henzonja credit for the clutch defensive play.

LeBron, set to miss the playoffs for the first time in 13 season, says the Lakers will have plenty of “great free agents” to chase after this summer.

Per The NY Times:

“Anytime he was with the ball, I was trying to get him tired,” Hezonja said.

It is hardly the worst strategy to have James dominate the ball in pressure situations and let him do what he wants. How many times has he come through?

“Like, thousands,” Hezonja said.

But this season has been a sad anomaly for James, who missed a large chunk of time with a groin injury and then did little to resuscitate things once he returned.

“There’s a lot of great free agents this summer,” James said. “Not going to name any names, because every time I say something, or our organization says something about a specific person, we get in trouble. But we have an opportunity to get better.”

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