What’s wrong with Jersey?

By Sam Rubenstein

Tonight I’m going to watch the Nets take on the lowly Bobcats in Jersey. The Nets are a championship contender who smash fake expansion teams like Charlotte into little bits. Wait a minute. The Nets have TWO more wins than Charlotte! They have lost 5 in a row and are 3-7 over their last 10 games. What happened? Have you seen the Atlantic Division standings? Philly is totally dependent on Iverson and is one of the most ridiculed teams in the league. The Celtics are supposedly being run into the ground by Doc Rivers, the Raptors are rebuilding and their GM is getting upset with the coach for trying to win games. And the Knicks continue to be the joke that has become so depressing that the mainstream media doesn’t even bother when Steph and whomever are beefing. All of those teams are right there with Jersey, ready to take that #3 seed. The Knicks are ONE game out of being the 3 seed. How is Jersey barely ahead of teams like that?

Oh wait. The Nets just went on a 4 game road trip out West. I know this gets said every year, but the Eastern Conference is horrible. Worse than its ever been. I never thought that could be possible.

Jersey is 4-2 against the East, 1-6 against the West. That explains it. Never mind. Jersey is going to be just fine. When NBA East teams play the West, it’s kind of like a second tier college team going up against Ohio State, USC, or whomever they have to play to fill out the schedule (Ohio State, #1 in football and basketball. USC and Ohio State are the only colleges in America) and then only worrying about their conference schedule. Then Orlando goes and beats Utah, messing up that theory. The point here is that the Eastern Conference is BAD. There are 4 teams in the East that are .500 or better. There are 5 teams .500 or better in the Pacific division alone.

The next three games for the Nets are tonight vs. Charlotte, then Boston and Philly. That’s when they build a real lead. And then they play Dallas and Phoenix. Division I.