What’s wrong with Sacramento?

By Sam Rubenstein

I am avoiding writing about the Allen Iverson trade rumors as best I can. Last Friday I wrote a lengthy post outlining a MYRIAD of possible trade destinations. I went to Philly on Monday night and covertly stalked several potential power players in the deal. What else am I supposed to do? I am moving on. When Allen is traded, let me know.

Turning my attention to something completely different. I wanted to write about the emergence of first overall pick Andrea Bargnani, but True Hoop’s sixth man of the year Kelly Dwyer beat me to it.

I’m left pondering this thought: what is wrong with the Sacramento Kings? Sactown Royalty says that something ain’t right with them. I agree. They have Ron Artest and Brad Miller, and for some reason don’t strike me as particularly tough this year. Is it the Musselman? They’re scoring under 100 points per game. Boston and Milwaukee are scoring more than them. Kevin Martin has emerged as a scoring star from out of nowhere, but they’re still only 9-11. The only teams in the West with a worse record than them are the holy trinity of Seattle, Portland, and Memphis. What’s the deal?