Who Will Come off the Bench: Hamilton or Iverson?

by January 13, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Rip Hamilton will re-join his Pistons teammates tonight as they face off against the Charlotte Bobcats. His coach, Michael Curry, as he has been hinting for quite a while now, might have the unenviable task of telling either Hamilton or Allen Iverson that they’re no longer a starter.

Curry knows it won’t be an easy thing to explain to either guy; so far, Hamilton has let it be known (in no uncertain terms) how he feels about becoming a sixth man – Via, DBB:

But I don’t think Rip is hearing any of it. Our exchange went something like this:

So, what’s going to happen when you come back, do you think you will jump right back into the starting lineup?

Rip: “Yeah, that’s the only option.”

Well, there is another option — coming off the bench.

Rip: “That ain’t happening.”


Would it be too much to ask for a camera to be placed in the room when Curry has to deliver this bit of news to either Hamilton, or even better, Allen Iverson?