Who’s That Other Guy in Seattle?

by December 14, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

That’s the question people often ask when watching the Sonics play for the first time: It’s not just the Kevin Durant show, you know? Jeff Green deserves your attention, too.

The Georgetown product, selected fifth overall in this past summer’s draft, has become something of a forgotten man in Seattle thanks to larger-than-life (metaphorically speaking, of course) teammate Kevin Durant.

As it happens, the relative anonymity has been a blessing in disguise as his struggles haven’t faced too harsh a glare from fans and media.

Jeff Green and veteran forward Chris Wilcox seem to have formed a tight bond, and the big man often has an encouraging word or two for the rook when the going gets tough.

“Some days you can tell he’s not feeling it, because it’s tough with all the travel, games, practice and stuff,” said forward Chris Wilcox. “Sometimes I just have to tell him, ‘You have to keep going. When you’re tired, you’ve got to push through it.’ And he can have frustration because he’s not playing like he did in college in the NBA. It wears down on you, but I was in that situation and you’ve got to keep your head up.”

With his physique and talent, Green will only get better and the Sonics have a bright future with him and Durant leading the way. It’s a shame the people of Seattle won’t get to see and enjoy too much of it.