Why is Kevin Garnett Wearing Basketball Attire?

by Marcel Mutoni

In his comments to the press last week, and ever since, Celtics coach Doc Rivers has made one thing abundantly clear: Kevin Garnett’s season is over. But, really, is it?

There’s been talk of KG going under the knife to fix his ongoing knee issue, but he was spotted yesterday at the Celtics’ practice facility going through some light drills. And his coach doesn’t seem to see any need to rush the surgery.

The Boston Herald reports:

Then, at 3:14 yesterday afternoon, the story took another twist when Garnett appeared on the team’s practice floor wearing full workout gear. He proceeded to dribble a basketball as he walked slowly around the perimeter of the court, with strength coach Bryan Doo watching intently. Trainer Ed Lacerte came out of his office and sat at the far end of the floor to watch the event. After four minutes, Garnett, Doo and Lacerte walked through a door that leads to the weight room at the team’s facility.

In all truth, the Sunday afternoon dribble could be part of Garnett’s maintenance program or a final check to see if there is any hope he can play.

Shortly before, in an indication of just how difficult it is to find certainty with the injury, Rivers opened the door he had been working so hard to shut since Thursday, when he first said Garnett likely would miss the playoffs. “He’s thinking about (surgery), and it looks like that’s the way he wants to go,” Rivers said in response to the Herald story, “but I think he might wait. We think he should wait, because you never know. It’s hard because one day he looked great and you think he’s definitely coming back, and then you see him run and you realize he just can’t play.”

One can’t help but feel as though we’ve not heard the last of Kevin Garnett this season, especially if the C’s don’t quickly figure out how to contain that Derrick Rose fella.