Why You Should Root for the Magic

by Marcel Mutoni

The Orlando Magic are quickly becoming one of my favorite squads to watch. I’ve even found it in my heart to forgive them for what they did to the Lakers last night.

This team is not only dominating on the court, but it is full of genuinely likable characters: Everyone knows about Dwight; Jameer is a fan favorite; and the head coach bears an uncanny resemblance to a goofy porn star. What’s not to love?

Today, on ESPN’s Daily Dime, we discover that guys on the Magic team compete to see who’s the best dressed before games:

“We’re not one of those teams that flirts with the line,” Keyon Dooling said. “We take pride in looking good. We challenge each other.”

The postseason is a long ways away, and this squad doesn’t have a whole lot of experience in that department, but if you’re looking for a bandwagon to jump on for the next several months, Orlando is not a bad place to start.