Will Stephon Boo the Knicks in L.A. Tonight?

by December 16, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s been eerily quiet on the Stephon Marbury front of late, and that’s never a good thing. Thank goodness for the NY Post!

Steph’s BFF, Marc Berman, reports that the former Knick point guard (can we start calling him that now?) wants to attend the Knicks/Lakers tilt in Hollywood tonight.

Steph, who’s working out in the LA area, will not only be at the game, but he might be sitting courtside among the rich, famous, and totally insane. Gnarly:

Despite being banned from the Knicks New York Knicks , Stephon Marbury Stephon Marbury is strongly thinking about attending tonight’s game in Los Angeles against the Lakers – as a fan.

Marbury was investigating whether he was allowed to buy courtside seats and sit among the celebs.

This is an awesome idea by Stephon Marbury on too many levels for me to list; I can only hope that he tops it by wearing a Vujacic jersey or something.