Win Kobe Doin’ Work!

by November 18, 2009

by Ryne NelsonKobe Doin' Work DVD

Kobe Bryant, like all greats, gets numbers. The 61 at the Garden last season. The four NBA championship rings. The 11 All-NBA teams. The nine All-Defensive teams. Twice the League’s scoring leader (and currently tops at 31 per)…

It seems only fitting, then, that Kobe became the first and only athlete to be followed by 30 cameras during a single NBA game during the ’07-08 campaign. You’ve probably seen the Spike Lee joint broadcast on ESPN, but here’s your chance to own a Limited Edition DVD.

So here’s your task: The DVD releases November 24 — the day the Knicks play the Lakers at Staples Center. How many points will Kobe score against the Knicks?

Predict KB’s point total and a DVD will be doin’ work to your home.

NOTE: Your first ‘prediction’ will be the only submission considered. Sorry, Jacob.


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