by April 26, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Last night I saw the news that Larry Brown has been allowed to interview for the Memphis job. I’m not got going to lie, I felt like breaking stuff and throwing things. If there is anyone out there that still believes Larry is a miracle worker that wins every place he goes, and always leaves it better off when he bails out, I’d love to hear your defense of the man. That is, if you still exist. I promise to maintain composure. Larry picks his spots. When you always take over the worst situations, there is only one way for it to go, and that is up. The exception being his last job of course, but we don’t need to rehash those happy days.

Memphis had the worst record in the league. The franchise has never won a playoff game. Expectations do not exist. Hubie is gone. The Czar is gone. Jerry West is on his way out.

The Grizzlies just so happen to be sitting in prime position to snatch up Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. Pairing a talent like that with their young athletic team, with a healthy Pau Gasol, and the Grizz should win 20-25 more games just by showing up, no matter who the coach is. Possibly more.

Deep breath. Larry, such a hustler. Just like Brian Williams.

Onto the W.I.N.N.E.R.S.

CLEVELAND: Drew Gooden for making it rain on these hoops. Hoops!

SAN ANTONIO: Tim Duncan. Things got a little tight there at the end, but the Spurs were not going down 2-0 heading to Denver.

DALLAS: Josh Howard. Jason Terry was the Maverick who really embraced the heightened emotion of the technicals, but Josh was the player most directly responsible for the win. Not counting Baron Davis and his pushing of the post-Crawford envelope.

Three must-win games tonight, and at least one of those teams has to lose. Meaning tomorrow it will be pre-emptive eulogy Friday.