With or Without Kidd, LeBron Wants to Win Now

by February 14, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Having previously made his feelings on the acquisition of Jason Kidd known to the entire world, LeBron James was understandably discouraged yesterday after he found out that Kidd had reportedly been traded to the Mavs.

James also added that he wants to win immediately and refused to throw his talent-challenged teammates under the bus.

”Of course, I wanted [Kidd] to be part of our team, but if we couldn’t get him, I am glad he is out of the East,” James said. ”I hope he does well for that franchise.”

”I enjoy having the guys I have in this locker room,” James said. ”I would never trash any of my teammates. I respect my teammates more than ever, but at some point, you have to get better, and I hope we can do that.”

See, LBJ is going about this all wrong. Sometimes, it’s OK to trash your teammates and risk being labelled a prima donna. Kobe did it, and look how happy he is now.