Wiz Should Focus More on Basketball, Less on Hitting LeBron

by April 22, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Having watched both games 1 and 2 of the Cavs/Wizards series in their entirety, I feel confident in saying that Eddie Jordan and his staff are so consumed with stopping LeBron – or at least, trying to stop the beast – that they haven’t come up with much else of a game plan. As far as I can tell, their only goal in the series is to knock him to the ground as much as humanly possible.

On offense, there’s no chemistry whatsoever, as guys simply take turns going one-on-one. Gilbert Arenas, despite not being healthy, continues to jack up conscious-free 30 footers as four other players stand around the perimeter watching.

Unfortunately for Eddie Jordan and co., no one on the Wizards seems to really believe in this physical plan. Guys have sheepish looks on their faces after knocking LeBron down; when Brendan Haywood got kicked out of the game last night following his hard foul on James, Antonio Daniels slid over to LBJ and asked him if he was OK.

Can you imagine any of the Riley-Era Knicks or Isiah’s Bad Boys checking on MJ’s well-being during their postseason wars? Me neither. So, there you have it Wizards. No one believes you’re hardbody (not even yourselves); focus on the actual game instead. It’s your only hope.