Worst TV crews

by Marcel Mutoni

One of the great things about DirectTV, League Pass and other forms of satellite is that you get to watch practically every team in the Association on a fairly regular basis. But as DeNiro cooly stated in Heat, “there’s a flip side to that coin” — you have to listen to some pretty awful broadcasting from the local TV stations. Below is a list of the guys I think are some of the absolute worst in the business (in no particular order)…

The Cleveland Cavs guys: One call sums up their work: “Lebron…looooves…levitation!” (shudder). Seriously, what does that even mean? Lebron loves levitation?! I first heard this ridiculous call sometime last year after James took off from outside the key and threw down one of his patented Statue of Liberty dunks against the Bobcats. I had to rewind the TiVo a few times just to make sure my ears weren’t playing tricks on me. I’m getting angry just thinking about this.

(Worth noting: Cavs play-by-play dude Michael Reghi was released this summer.)

The Miami Heat guys: I heard them refer to a typically nasty Dwyane Wade dunk as a “cracker” last year. No word of a lie. The fact that main play-by-play guy Eric Reid’s voice makes him sound like some sleazy lounge DJ doesn’t help either.

The Toronto Raptors guys: Living near Toronto, I get a lot of Raptor games on the tube, which means I get an earful of Jack Armstrong and Chuck Swirsky. Every season, I am led to believe that a routine Morris Peterson baseline three is Sick, Wicked and NASTY!!! Pray for me.

The Hornets guys: Bob Licht and Gil McGregor are some of the most shameless homers around. They have absolutely no problem referring to the New Orleans Hornets as “we”, and heaven forbid should a call go againts the Hornets, they won’t drop it for a good two quarters. I’ve had to put the TV on mute a number of times during their broadcasts.

The Knicks guys: The Knicks just can’t seem to do anything right. Walt Frazier has done more damage to the English language than anyone but Rickey Henderson.

Tommy Heinsohn: You either love him or hate him. Most hate him. And with good reason. Oh, and the 72 year old Tommy Heinsohn has a MySpace page. Frightening.