Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

As someone who spends an unhealthy amount of time on my laptop, I’m a big fan of League Pass Broadband. When I’m rushing through last-minute work in the evenings, I usually have a game running in the background with the volume adjusted enough to hear when a big play happens. This is especially ideal when it comes to commercials, as you can easily flip from one game to the next during timeouts and other stoppages in play.

(The fact that I forgot to renew my League Pass subscription this season, and yet I’m still getting all of the games online for free, only adds to this enjoyment. Uh, don’t tell anyone about this, by the way…)

One game that I’m especially looking forward to catching tonight is the Nuggets/Hawks tilt. I’m pumped for this matchup for two reasons: 1) Despite being two exciting teams, they’re both criminally underrated (Denver, especially). They’re also both curiously ignored. The excitement of the AI/Melo partnership seems to have worn off some, and save for Lang and a handful of other yahoos hailing from Atlanta, no one seems to care about the Hawks. This needs to be rectified. 2) I’m a firm believer that any time one has a chance to watch Josh Smith play basketball, one takes full advantage of said opportunity. The man is an absolute athletic freak.

So, there you have it: Two young, exciting teams with stars all over the floor. And not only do they play extremely hard, but they’re both Playoff-bound (yeah, I said it!) What more could you ask for on a Tuesday night?