Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

Normally, a rematch of the previous year’s NBA Finals would be considered a treat. Not this year, folks.

Last year’s championship round – a methodical destruction of the Cavs by San Antonio – was the kind of viewing experience that made people wish that the memory eraser thingie from Men In Black actually existed.

So, why am I recommending tonight’s tilt as the game of the night? Simple: LeBron.

Kobe may be my favorite player (and plays for my favorite team), but James is the single most captivating athlete on the planet right now (sorry, Brett Favre). After spending the summer maniacally working out the kinks in his jump shot, King is quite simply unguardable. Not that defenders had any idea what to do with him before, mind you.

His stats are obviously ridiculous, but it’s impossible to truly appreciate what kind of player he is by simply scanning the box scores. Watching him play – the way defenders bounce off his shoulders and elbows as he bullies his way to the tin; the confident release of his j from anywhere on the floor; and his ability to raise his level of play in the fourth quarter and overtime – reminds you time and again why you fell in love with the sport to begin with.

The scary thing is that he’s now beginning to take defense seriously. And yes, he’s still only 23 years old. Lawdy Lawd.

(One more reason to tune it tonight: The slight possibility that this might happen again.)