Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

If a game was ever tailor-made for League Pass, this is it.

Two of the truly feel-good stories in the Association, playing at surprisingly high levels, square off tonight in New Orleans.

No one can honestly say that they predicted these two relatively obscure, yet excellent teams, with stars and likable characters on both sides, would be leading their respective divisions in late January. It’s actually kind of crazy if you think about it.

Sadly for the Hornets, despite putting an excellent product out on the floor, the fan support has been lacking. And this could lead to the eventually team moving. Again.

The Blazers don’t have any problems with fan support; their fan base is rabid. And that was before they absorbed the loss of Greg Oden, reeled off what seemed like forty straight wins, wedged themselves into the Playoff picture, and established Brandon Roy as a legitimate MVP candidate. Now, the Rose Garden is one of the toughest gyms for visiting teams to play in. An absolute mad house.

Roy and Chris Paul alone are reason enough to tune in tonight.

Meaningless Prediction: Blazers (104) – Hornets (109)