Worthy of Your Attention

by February 04, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Epic battles between two dominant teams are always fun to watch. Sometimes, though, a one-on-one war is even better. This, after all, is a League of stars, no?

Tonight, the two best young point guards go at it in Utah, as Chris Paul’s Hornets invade the home of Deron Williams and his Jazz. Both teams are on top of their divisions, and the game should be an absolute dog fight.

By now, every major cat admits that Chris Paul is the better player (he’s even a serious MVP contender this season), but D-Williams ain’t no slouch either. Built like a tank, but with the quickness of a mouse, he can do just about anything he wants out there on the floor.

In its never-ending attempts to market the game and its stars, the League has become obsessed with technological advances and wizardry. Here’s an idea: Designate a camera and soundman to track just Paul and Williams for the full 48. There, done. You’re welcome.