Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

Sam says we’re only in the first quarter of the NBA season, and he’s right, but tonight sure won’t feel like it. Not in San Antonio anyway.

The Phoenix Suns invade the Spurs’ home for the first time since their epic Playoff clash last year, and you know that both teams will want the W desperately. And if Steve Nash somehow decks Robert Horry, I won’t necessarily disapprove.

It should be a good game; both teams are healthy and playing well, and Robert Horry is doing his part to keep the blood of everyone who cares about the Phoenix Suns boiling:

“I’m from the old school. When I came in the league, during the playoffs, foul hard; no blood, no flagrant foul. It was just a hard foul. My intention was to take a charge, but I got there too late. Of course, when you’ve got 150 (pounds) meets 250, 150 is going to go flying. It’s all good. You learn from it and move on.”

At the end of the day, though, tonight’s game is bigger for Phoenix. Psychologically speaking, they sort of have to get this win and feel confident about playing in that building. Because, Lord knows, they’ll have to come through it again six months from now, if they want to finally be the ones wearing gaudy rings next year.