Worthy of Your Attention

by March 21, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Easter Weekend!

I’m jetting off to my folks’ place for the long weekend, and if I can manage to lift my face from the heaping plates of my mom’s cooking and the flowing wine, here are the games I’ll be watching:

Sixers @ Magic: Philly is on some kind of tear these days, playing a brand of basketball that puts the fear of God into the hearts of men. Tonight, they face a tough challenge on the road, as they square up against Dwight Howard and the Magic. Once again, it’s time to show and prove, Philadelphia.

Celtics @ Hornets: Boston continues its trek around the Western Conference, and Saturday night, MVP candidates Kevin Garnett and Chris Paul will attempt to state their respective cases. This one promises to be a classic.

Spurs @ Mavs: Will Dallas ever beat a team with a winning record? It’ll eventually happen, but probably not on Sunday afternoon.

I’m also told that there’s some kind of collegiate tournament pitting student-athletes against one another that’s taking place.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Be safe out there.