Worthy of Your Attention

by April 01, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The San Antonio Spurs are putting the finishing touches on another one of their trademark seasons. There have been injuries, the coach (as he is wont to do) has repeatedly questioned their worth as human beings, Bruce Bowen has done Bruce Bowen things, and as the season winds down, the Spurs are sitting in their rightful place: Atop the Western Conference.

While practically everyone else in the West spent the year reloading their rosters and changing things up, the Spurs laid back in the cut (though, truth be told, they did make one smart move), and at the end of the day, it looks like they’ll come out on top yet again. It’s not hard to tell why people hate these guys.

The Warriors are in San Antonio tonight, fighting for their Playoff lives. Golden State holds the eighth seed over Denver by only half a game.

With San Antonio playing their best ball of the season – they’re currently enjoying a seven game winning streak – Golden State will be hard-pressed to increase their lead over the eternally frustrating Nuggets.