Worthy of Your Attention

by April 08, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

As you may have noticed, due to the NCAA title game, no NBA games were played last night. Even though I’m not a big college ball fan by any stretch of the imagination, last night’s Kansas/Memphis battle was electrifying and I simply couldn’t look away. Mario Chalmers: Welcome to the highlight reels of forever.

The Association returns tonight with a vengeance, and here are some games to keep an eye on…

Knicks @ Pistons: This will be the only time out of 82 games this season that Isiah Thomas will hear cheers from any crowd. I suggest that after the players and coaches are introduced, you quickly grab the remote and put on something that – unlike this game – will not make your eyes bleed.

Jazz @ Hornets: Deron Williams vs Chris Paul rarely disappoints, and with Carlos Boozer casting his vote for Kobe in the MVP race, CP3 might be playing with a bit of a chip on his shoulder tonight. Be afraid, Utah.

Hawks @ Pacers: A win by the Hawks tonight would mathematically eliminate the Pacers from Playoff contention, and all but lock up the eight and final seed for Atlanta.

Never has a matchup between two teams who are a combined sixteen games below .500 been so exciting! Ah, the Eastern Conference.