Worthy of Your Attention

by April 24, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Another trio of games tonight as the First Round of the Playoffs kicks into high gear …

Cavs @ Wizards: Welcome to the Soulja Bowl! Ugh, shoot me.

The Wizards can’t really play any worse than they have so far, and that’s pretty much all that they can hang their hat on at this point. A little home cooking should do them some good tonight, though.

Orlando @ Toronto:I’m only tuning in to this bad boy because I promised Sam a fresh set of game notes for tomorrow. Can you tell how excited I am for this series?

Houston @ Utah: “It’s all my fault that these games have been nearly unwatchable,” McGrady said.

“If the nut job polygamy supporters end up causing a raucous over the next two games, yup, blame me for that one too.”

“I heard you lost your job and that your wife left you. I’m really sorry; I wish I could’ve done more to stop it.”

“Please, God, just put me out of my misery already. Have I not suffered enough?”*

*(None of this was actually said by T-Mac, but, he was probably thinking it.)