Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

With the way things have gone so far in these Playoffs, we might as well just skip tonight’s festivities and move right on along to Game Seven. But there’s a reason they play the games, and we watch. You just never know.

Boston @ Cleveland, Game 6
: They may have the homecourt advantage, and they may have LeBron on their side, and they may be going up against a team that can’t handle playing on the road in the postseason; but without Boobie Gibson, the odds aren’t in the Cavs’ favor tonight.

Now, I like my superstar athletes to have confidence (even a bit of arrogance never hurts), but I couldn’t help chuckling after reading the following quote from Bron-Bron following the Game Five loss:

“A LeBron James team is never desperate.”

What, are the other LeBrons showing up on the court with you now, Mr. James? Actually, that might not be such a bad idea.

Lakers @ Jazz, Game 6: The games in this series have been competitive and entertaining, but both teams have done what they were supposed to do: Hold serve on their home floor.

It’s the broken record theme of these Playoffs. But someone has to blink at some point. They gotta. Please?