Worthy of Your Attention

By Sam Rubenstein

WWMMD? What would Marcel Mutoni Do? A “Worthy of your attention” post.

Tonight it’s Lakers at Spurs. During the game a few nights ago, the announcers were saying that they talked to Popovich before the game, and he said he felt good about his team’s chances because they were back home and he was “looking forward” to see how they would respond. They claimed he went on to say that he ENJOYS the 2-2 game 5 on the road.

If it all comes down to “just making shots” like teams like to say when they’re losing, then the Spurs are due for another easy game to balance out what happened to them in the first two. Then Pop gets his wish of the pressure-packed game 5 on the road.

If the Lakers were to win though, going back home with a chance to clinch to get back to The Finals…

The Spurs do not want to face that scenario. Again, Pop said he wants it 2-2, with a big game 5. Who am I to question him? Enjoy the game everyone.