Worthy of Your Attention

by June 10, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

As Sam mentioned yesterday, I’m in Los Angeles, and the mood in the city can best be described as decidedly “meh”.

There doesn’t seem to be any real sense of urgency with the team not only playing in the Finals, or being down 0-2 to their historic rivals.

At LAX and throughout the various parts of the city that I found myself in yesterday afternoon and in the evening, there was nary a Lakers jersey to be found, and even the infamous Lakers flags weren’t flying down the freeways. The laissez-faireness is somewhat jarring to be perfectly honest.

Hopefully things will change tonight. L.A. fans definitely need to step up and carry their team to a higher level like Bostonians did to kick off the series. Beating the crap out of Celtics supporters is certainly a start.

All things considered, the Lakers should win Game Three back on their homefloor tonight.

The spectacular comeback in the previous game should’ve given them plenty of confidence that they can hang with the Celtics; and there’s no way they won’t get more calls than the Beantowners (especially after just about everyone – C’s supporters included – was appropriately horrified by the discrepancy in free throw attempts between the two teams in Game Two.)

Most importantly, though, David Stern would have a massive coronary if this insanely-hyped Finals approached anything resembling a sweep.