Worthy of Your Attention

by October 31, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Lots of good games to get you through the weekend, let’s take a quick peek at a select few …

Bulls @ Celtics: Derrick Rose, I would like to introduce you to the Celtic D. I’d suggest that you take copious notes, young man.

Spurs @ Blazers
: The second leg of the NBA’s promotional plan to showcase Greg Oden against many of the League’s best big men. Whoops!

Cavs @ Hornets: Has a fanbase ever started MVP chants during the first week of the season in a convoluted attempt to sway the voting media? Tune in tomorrow night to find out.

Memphis @ Chicago: Another certified League Pass banger.

Philly @ Atlanta: Two young, exciting teams that should – should – have a major say in the East playoff picture.

Lakers @ Nuggets: Denver will be looking to stop the Laker juggernaut with their newfound defense (stop laughing!).

Enjoy the games everyone. And be safe out there.